Coke plants

Over 100,000 coke ovens all over the world

With state-of-the-art technologies and know-how proven through the construction of over 100,000 coke ovens and assiciated gas treatment facilities and service machines worldwide. And thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (RUS) offers its customers a set of systems and processes from which the optimum solution to their operational requirements can be provided. thyssenkrupp is the only company in the world who can offer, supply and commission complete coke oven plants of widely differing designs from a single source.

Сoke oven batteries

Over 80% of all coke oven batteries around the world are operated with by-product units. We develop cost-effective plant concepts tailored to the local infrastructure. We integrate new batteries into existing plants and for completely new locations we offer our customers compact high-capacity coke oven batteries that facilitate exceptionally efficient operation. thyssenkrupp also offers comprehensive cleaning processes for most by-products.

Coke oven machines and infrastructure

Coke oven machines are an integral part of any coke oven plant. They charge the ovens with the coal feedstock, push the coke from the ovens after coking, feed it to the quenching process and transport the coke to the consumers.

Coke oven gas treatment

Coke oven gas is a valuable by-product in the conventional production of coke. It enables the recovery of a wide range of other coal by-products, which, when marketed, make the production of coke even more cost-effective. The main product of a dedicated gas treatment unit, the treated coke oven gas, is used as fuel gas although it can also be used as a feedstock for the production of chemical products.


We offer plants and processes that provide a high level of performance and high economic efficiency in the following areas:

    • Conventional vertical oven, designed as either a top-charged battery or a stamp-charged battery
    • Heat recovery ovens
    • Coke quenching plants
    • Coal by-product units:

   - for raw gas cleaning
   - with customized solutions for further process treatment
   - for the production of all typical coal by-products and their intermediates, including aromatics

  • All kinds of coke oven machines
  • Coal and coke handling plants
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