Financial Times names thyssenkrupp one of #Europe's leading climate protection companies

Financial Times published the list of 300 companies that made the most progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions between 2014 and 2019. To identify the leaders, Financial Times and Statista spent months researching and analyzing emission data from several thousand companies. 

thyssenkrupp was able to reduce emissions by 31.5% in 2014-19, and this success is evidenced by the multiple CDP climate awards.

Our sustainable goal: 30% less emissions by 2030, climate neutral by 2050

Sustainability for many years is one of our main topics for thyssenkrupp. We based our climate strategy directly on the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, a landmark agreement signed by 175 countries. Three times in a row, the non-governmental agency CDP awarded us the highest rating for our climate protection. Therefore, we have set ourselves a particularly ambitious target for the future: be climate-neutral from 2050 onwards.

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