Miner's week

From 29.01.18 to 02.02.18 senior engineer of the sales department Igor Kalinin visited the XXVI International Scientific Symposium "Miner's Week - 2018".

The symposium "Miner's Week" is held annually since 2001. The program of the symposium contained many presentations, including the following main topics:
- History of the Mining University,
- Technological innovations in mining,
- Logistics of quarries,
- Use of the potential of defense enterprises for the development of the mining industry - diversification of capacities,
- The transformation of mining education,
- Development of transport as a necessary condition for the development of the coal industry,
- Mining, oil and gas business and geodesy,
- Classification of coals: theory and practice,
- Engineering geology and mine surveying,
- Problems of geomechanics and engineering geology in man-made arrays,
- Mining and geological complexity of deposits,
- Use of acoustic emission effects,
- Development of the theory of design of integrated development of ore deposits,
- Engineering geophysics, geomechanics, geodynamics,
- Mining in the light of forced industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan,
- Modern requirements for the engineering of mining enterprises,
- Safety of mining,
- Environmental protection in industrial regions,
- History of mining equipment development.

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