Memorandum on cooperation signed with SCIF Congress

thyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions (RUS) LLC and SCIF Congress signed a Memorandum on Cooperation, thereby confirming the common interests of the companies aimed at the development of the global mineral fertilizer industry, safety and environmental friendliness of chemical production.

The signed agreement is a meaningful step, which allows increasing cooperation powers of the SCIF Congress and thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions companies, to make the interaction more effective and succeed in new researches. Taking into account common interests and benefits of coordinating efforts, devoted to the formation of fruitful conditions for the implementation of professional activities in the mineral fertilizer industry.

Within the framework of cooperation between SCIF Congress and thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions companies, the current industry issues will be discussed, with the research of a possible solution using high corporate standards, and modern practices, by bringing them to the international community at scientific-technical events hold by the SCIF Congress.

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