Company book publication

The book about thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (RUS) has been published. Its release marked the 65th anniversary of the Dzerzhinsk branch of the State Design Institute No.3 (GSPI-3), the predecessor of the modern company.

In only a few years, the Soviet design institute has transformed into an ultramodern international engineering organization primarily due to the commitment of the whole team to the values of the company. However, the book is not just a summary about the history of the enterprise. Of course, history is an integral part of our life, but it would be wrong to list key events. The book is carefully thought out and organized. This is a story about what makes thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (RUS) tick.

The book tells not only the history of the company as a Russian design institute, but also covers the evolution of thyssenkrupp, Group we make a part of today. It also offers to learn more about the experience of the company and its technology portfolio. The book ends with an extensive and colorfully illustrated description of the public activities of the company, the participation in events, conferences, bright moments of the company's life and the presentation of the company's main asset, its employees.

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