Occupational Safety and Health

Our goal is zero accidents, in all of our companies around the world!


Safety culture

thyssenkrupp gives high priority to health and safety in the workplace. For us the following matters: "Everyone who works in thyssenkrupp must be able to carry out their work safely and without harm to health." Therefore, one of the main goals of the company is the development of a culture of safety and health.

Based on this goal, the company has an integrated OSH management system, and has also developed and successfully implemented:

Health and Safety Policy
Guide to the Occupational Safety Management System at thyssenkrupp
10 golden rules for occupational safety and health

In order to prevent and prevent occupational diseases, the company's employees are regularly inspected, vaccinated (if necessary before going on a business trip due to work peculiarities), training in methods and techniques for providing first aid to victims and a number of other activities are held.

Risk assessment and management

thyssenkrupp has defined and formalized processes of identifying and assessing risks in the field of occupational safety. Appropriate procedures have been developed, compliance with which, when carrying out work, is mandatory, both for company employees and for our contractors. Our specialists regularly undergo trainings in occupational safety and certification in the field of industrial safety, in the amount necessary for the competent performance of their duties in the field of labor protection, industrial safety and environmental protection. Similar requirements we put forward in relation to our business partners.

"Together we are pursuing a forward-looking policy for the development of a culture of health and safety at work" , says Health and Safety Policy of thyssenkrupp.

Special assessment of labor conditions

Special assessment of labor conditions - Dzerzhinsk office

Special assessment of labor conditions - Moscow office

Special assessment of labor conditions - Tobolsk office

Special assessment of labor conditions - thyssenkrupp System Engineering (Kaluga)

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