thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions is an expert in the field of fertilizer plant design

We offer advanced technologies, modern strategies of projects execution and global processes of selection and supply of the required equipment. This enables us to provide our clients with maximum efficient, reliable and eco-friendly plants.

Ammonia and urea plants design

The policy of our company is directed to offer our clients the most reliable processes at the advanced technical level.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (RUS) offers a broad spectrum of ammonia plants with capacities ranging from 200 to 4,500 tons per day. At the same time the total power consumption has been kept at a low level due to sufficient process changes. In addition to the construction of new turn-key plants we also undertake the modernization of existing facilities.

The field of expertise of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (RUS) also includes urea plant design: we offer engineering, procurement and construction services for plants with capacities ranging from 600 to 5,000 tons per day – all from a single source. Due to applicable technologies (for example, Urea 2000plus of Stamicarbon for CO2 stripping processes), urea plants have not only low investments and operational costs but they also have less number of equipment items that provide simple operation. 

You can find more detailed information about our technologies in the field of urea and ammonia plants design in the "Ammonia" and "Urea" brochures.

Phosphate and nitrate fertilizers plants design

With today’s intensive agriculture, soil yields are very much a matter of choosing the right type of fertilizer. There is a need for high-quality fertilizers and choosing the right technology for their production is of the essence. thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (RUS) together with the parent company thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions offer both proprietary, proven technologies and renowned licensed technologies.

For phosphate and nitrate fertilizers we offer our Clients all processes of the technological chain, from raw material recovery to production of the final product.

You can find more detailed information about our competences in this field in brochures "Mineral fertilizers" and "Phosphate fertilizers".

Nitric acid plants design

Nitric acid is a key chemical for manufacturing fertilizers. thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (RUS) has a possibility to use different kinds of technologies for nitric acid project implementation. Every technology is optimized for production under specific pressure. The selection of the technology depends on the cost of the raw material, utilities, investment costs and local conditions. A unique EnviNOx process enables to minimize emissions of nitrogen oxide as well as nitrogen dioxide thereby increasing additionally ecological compatibility of the plants.

More details about nitric acid plants you can find in "Nitric Acid" and "EnviNOx" brochures.

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