Custom pyroprocessing solutions

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions systematically consolidate process and plant know-how to create innovative concepts for the thermal processing of a very broad range of materials, offering optimum customised solutions, including drying, preheating, calcining, reduction, burning, sintering, cooling and pelletising systems.

We supply pyroprocessing systems for:

  • the burning of lime;
  • Desulphuration of hot iron and steel by the method of co-injection of desulfuration reagents into a liquid metal;
  • the pre-reduction of nickel and manganese ores;
  • the direct reduction of direct reduction and chrome ores;
  • the treatment of mineral secondary raw materials, intermediate products and residues;
  • the calcination of aluminium, bauxite, magnesite (CCM), dolomite, titanium oxide, chrome ore, soda, phosphate, limestone, etc.;
  • Two-stage calcination method (calcining, briquetting and sintering) for the production of Daed Burnt Magnesia (DBM) and agglomerated dolomite;
  • the sintering of magnesite (DBM) and dolomite;
  • the production of expanded clay and flooring plaster;
  • the concentration of phosphates;
  • the extraction of oil from oil shale;

Shaft kilns and multiple hearth furnaces

thyssenkrupp is a world leader in the development and supply of high-temperature shaft kilns, multiple hearth furnaces, as well as complex plants based on this technology and hot metal desulfurization systems.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions' department of pyrometallurgical technologies in Beckum and Maerz company, which is part of the Group, are the leading manufacturers of almost all kinds of medium-temperature furnaces. They jointly offer high-quality lime kilns, taking into account all Customer's needs and precise adjustment in accordance with the specific requirements of the customer and the quality of the raw materials.

Today, our shaft and multiple hearth furnaces POLSINT and MULTIPOL represent the most advanced technology of heat engineering applications in the refractory industry.

Pyroprocessing systems

Special Applications

High-temperature technologies

Medium-temperature technologies

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