Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger asks to end his mandate as CEO of thyssenkrupp AG

Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger, CEO thyssenkrupp AG, asked the Executive and the Personnel Committee of the Supervisory Board of the thyssenkrupp AG for talks to find a mutual agreement for stepping down from his position as CEO of the thyssenkrupp AG.

Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger: “Today I informed the Supervisory Board that I would like to step down from my position as CEO of thyssenkrupp. I take this step very consciously to enable a fundamental discussion in the Supervisory Board on the future of thyssenkrupp. A joint understanding of Board and Supervisory Board on the strategic direction of a company is a key pre-requisite for successfully leading a company. The broad support of our shareholders and the Supervisory Board was the basis for the success of our Strategic Way Forward since 2011. This path always balanced the interests of our customers, employees and shareholders. Today thyssenkrupp is a completely different company regarding culture, values and performance. The joint venture of our steel activities with Tata is the next significant step to turn thyssenkrupp into a strong industrial company. We can be proud of what we achieved until now. For this I would like to thank all employees. They are the most valuable capital of thyssenkrupp.”

The Supervisory Board has asked the Board, Guido Kerkhoff, Oliver Burkhard and Dr. Donatus Kaufmann to lead without a Chief Executive Officer for the time being. The succession for Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger as Chief Executive Officer will be conducted in a structured process.

Prof. Dr. Lehner, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of thyssenkrupp AG: “In this tough situation for the company it is now initially about staying on course. The Board has a strategy to further develop the group, which is agreed with the Supervisory Board. This includes the realization of the steel joint venture. For this we reached an important milestone with the signing. For all other Business Areas there are clear, externally communicated targets, which the company will continue working towards.”

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