Fighting Covid-19 with sodium hypochlorite disinfectants: Skid-mounted chlorine units from thyssenkrupp offer compact reliable, cost-competitive, and easily integratable solution

Proper hand hygiene is vital and effective in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. But you can hardly soap down surfaces like shopping trolley handles or city squares. One effective surface disinfectant is sodium hypochlorite (aka bleach). Our skid-mounted chlorine units are ideal for boosting an existing plant’s sodium hypochlorite production capacity – to boost the battle against Covid-19.

Milan is cleaning its streets with a weak sodium hypochlorite solution. South Korea and China have done so in the past. Nearly one in five of the disinfectants listed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as effective against Covid-19 use chlorinated compounds. Of those 55 disinfectants 43 have sodium hypochlorite as the main ingredient. As the demand for sodium hypochlorite-based disinfectants has surged, production capacities have increased to the max worldwide. But much more disinfectant is needed in corona-stricken countries, and that is where our skid-mounted chlorine units can make a crucial difference..

Ideal for boosting or starting up production

Companies wanting to increase their sodium hypochlorite production can easily integrate our extremely compact skid-mounted chlorine units into their existing facilities. With a capacity of upto 45 metric tons per day (TPD) of chlorine the standard unit enables production of a large quantity of commercial sodium hypochlorite solution. A 43 TPD unit of this kind has been running since years reliably in Brazil and similar units with a smaller capacity are also provided for Algeria and Tanzania. The first of the more recently developed mini-skid chlorine units with a 10-20 TPD capacity was bought by one of world’s best-known hypochlorite manufacturers at a plant in Saudi Arabia in December 2019, to produce also high quality sodium hypochlorite. These cost-competitive mini-skid units are ideal for smaller producers or newcomers to the industry who want to start making sodium hypochlorite. Our experience and expertise in this field will facilitate their entry to the chlorine market.

Operational advantages

These skid-mounted chlorine units are renowned for their high degree of reliability based on thyssenkrupp’s reliable membrane electrolysis technology developed and offered on the market since more than 40 years. Their low power requirements also help to reduce operating costs. Thanks to our vast experience and expertise in the relevant equipment and materials we can execute projects fast, with safety regulations and environmental compliance assured. If operated with vacuum salt to avoid the need for primary brine treatment, our skid-mounted chlorine units are a compact, quick-to-install, easy-to-operate and economical solution for boosting production of sodium hypochlorite-based disinfectant.

All-in solutions from a single source

Besides complete skid or mini-skid plants delivering a standard 5%­ to 15% w/w sodium hypochlorite solution, we also offer stand-alone or integrated dilution and storage systems for low concentrations down to 0.5%. As thyssenkrupp can also deliver the necessary bottling systems or trucks, railways wagons and drums loading facilities, we can truly claim to be a one-stop shop for sodium hypochlorite – the disinfectant that is helping to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The bottom line: As the world battles the Covid-19 pandemic, the global demand for effective disinfectants has increased dramatically. But as the existing production facilities for one of the most common ingredients, sodium hypochlorite, are already working at full stretch, additional capacities are required. thyssenkrupp’s skid-mounted chlorine units are an extremely compact and reliable solution that can be easily integrated into existing chlorine plants.

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