VR technology at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (RUS) portfolio. In addition to the traditional services for engineering, procurement and construction management, we offer our valued customers the virtual reality (VR) technology for solving their production objectives. For these purposes, in February 2020, the company launched a pilot project using VR technology (“virtual reality room”).

In general, VR technologies help to solve a wide range of problems, starting from the layout of production, the analysis of maintainability and ergonomics of the facility to the issues of staff training and emergency response. In addition, the use of VR allows to organize full access to technical documentation directly from the simulation and visualize the plant and installed equipment from any point of view.

As part of the project, one of the plants designed within tk IS walls was recreated in VR. This plant is not just realistically detailed: the technology used makes it possible to study the documentation for the project without taking down the headset.

Currently, various scenarios of emergency situations and simulators for plant operators are being actively developed. All developments are tk IS RUS know-how.

The first presentations of the company's VR capabilities to customers have already been made. thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (RUS) has already received several requests for the development of VR models, including those with the staff training function.

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