Construction Management

Integrated Construction Management

As a full-scale EPC-contractor thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (RUS) provides a full range of services on a turn-key basis. Our approach includes maximum flexibility, orientation to the Client’s needs, consideration of his capabilities and provision of services from one single source.

We offer an integrated construction management including execution of the Technical Customer functions:

  • Construction cost estimation
  • Author supervision
  • Construction supervision (incoming, operational, acceptance control)
  • Work with subcontractors:
    • Subcontractors bidding & contracting assistance
    • Subcontractors search and management during construction and erection works, acceptance of the performed works 
  • Construction management at the site
  • Control of construction materials and equipment issue to erection in accordance with the schedule
  • Document management. As-built documentation management
  • Flexible reporting system for the Client with the purpose of all-round progress control
  • HSE management at the construction site
  • Support of the Client at all construction stages in coordination with state and supervisory authorities.

If it is necessary, we are ready to support the Client in preparation of the Technical Assignment for construction, schedule of construction and erection work and pre-commissioning works, as well as in splitting the scope of work and delivery between the parties. 

We also offer services for the implementation of the general contractor.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (RUS) is a member of the self-regulatory (SRO) non-profit organization "Ob'edinenie nizhegorodskih stroiteley". Three representatives of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (RUS) are included in the National Register of Specialists as specialists in сonstruction.

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